Enrichment Program

This program services children 18 months to six years.  This program is for children who DO NOT need speech and language therapy.  We provide a challenging yet achievable curriculum which will engage children in thinking, reasoning, and communicating with others.  Our language based approach will promote school readiness skills through activities that are integrated across different developmental areas:  cognitive development, fine motor and gross motor development and social/emotional development.

The following criteria must be met in order for a child to be accepted to our Enrichment Program:

  • Must be at or above chronological age in receptive and expressive language skills.  The enrichment children serve as a peer model for using speech and language within the group dynamic to have their needs met.
  • Have appropriate pragmatic use of language based on his/her age.
  • Have age appropriate play skills, pretend play, turn-taking and demonstrate independence in ability to follow classroom expectations/directions.
  • Exhibit behaviors that are conducive to a group learning experience.
  • Overall, may not exhibit delays in any area of development.